Pocket Change is no longer active. We've since moved on to other projects. Thanks for all your support over the years.

We're leaving the site up, in case you'd still like to look around.

Fair trade apparel. Fostering hope.

Pocket Change clothing is made with quality and integrity. We are committed to providing premium fair trade apparel made right here in Toronto, Canada. In an industry steeped in exploitation and cutting corners, we like to know who makes our clothing.

Pocket Change is a clothing company with a heart for kids around the world. We are committed to doing good with our profits. We’re currently partnered with Freedom House Orphanages in Haiti and are working to share what we’re doing there with you.

Our Model

Pocket Change began as a way of using our consumption for doing good in the world. The idea was that through the purchase of ethically made, premium clothing and skate apparel you could participate in something more than just self-indulgence. Not only do we believe in living by a standard of ethics in what we make, but we also give a portion of our profits to a partner organization that builds and runs orphanages in Haiti.

Since our official launch in 2010, we've been working hard at building an incredibly supportive fanbase of musicians, artists, riders, and other passionate individuals. On top of that, the social conscience of the company has adapted to take a much more direct role in affecting the lives of children and young people here in our own communities and in the world. Our desire is to create and inspire positive change in everyone we meet.

Our Crew

Jared Henriques

Jared is a full time business student and aspiring barista extraordinaire. It was Jared's vision and passion that started this whole thing. Buy him a meal sometime and he'll tell you all about it.

Ben Bartosik

Ben is a story teller, youth pastor, and mango eater. Ben acts as a father to the Pocket Change team in keeping meetings on task as well as monitoring every decision to the vision. Thanks Uncle Ben!

Ross Zurowski

Ross is full time design student and part time wizard. His creativity is responsible for everything you see. Drop shadows and comic sans are his only known weaknesses.

Dustin Wood

Dustin is a father. He also sells lumber to support his family and is involved in a number of artistic community building endeavours in Toronto. His beard is better than yours.

All of our clothing is 100% fair trade, made right here in Toronto, Canada.

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